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Body Contouring After Gastric Bypass Surgery

A lot of people today who are finding success with gastric bypass surgery are excited that they can shed 100 pounds or more. Often, they still don't like what they see in the mirror because of the sagging skin that excessive weight loss may leave behind.

The problem is the skin is like a rubber band. When it stretches to a certain point, it can never regain its elasticity, so patients should know that if they choose to go under the knife for stomach stapling, they may need another surgical procedure later called body contouring.

Jason McGuire opted for that after his extreme weight loss. He had 10 pounds of excess skin removed from his stomach and back in six hours of body contouring.

"It's just amazing. I can fit into clothes without having any skin hanging over, and I look in the mirror and I actually like what I see," says Jason McGuire, patient.

"It has increased in my practice tenfold in the past three years in terms of popularity," says Dr. Kenneth Bermudez, plastic surgeon.

Dr. Bermudez says since sagging skin is not considered a health risk like obesity, insurance may not cover that. So, if you sign up for gastric bypass surgery for health reasons, understand that you may want body contouring later.

The procedure could cost an additional $10,000 out of pocket.

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