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Smoke Away Part II: Does It Work?

Kim Owens has smoked 25 years. She smoked two packs a day. She quit one time for four years and says she is ready to quit again.

Smoke Away Part One: Does It Work?
Want to quit smoking? How about in seven days! No kidding. And for good. That's what the makers of the Smoke Away claim.

We gave her the Smoke Away to test. She had to take 64 herbal supplements for seven days to help calm her nerves and tobacco aids to help curb her cravings.

Here is Kim seven days later and says it's been good...sort of. "Pain. Torture. Misery. But I dropped my blood pressure 20 points, I have put on three pounds. I have managed to clean the clothes off the treadmill and use it," said Kim with a half smile in her face.

Kim reports that after seven days, she has felt absolutely nothing from the herbal supplements from the Smoke Away program. "The little homeopathic things under your tongue is just candy," she said.

Kim says that after three days on the Smoke Away, her hopes of quitting for good didn't look optimistic. "I've snuck some cigarettes. Ten or less in seven days. I went through my ashtray. It was a pitiful site," she admitted.

In fact, since her debut last week, people have recognized her as the "lady who's quit smoking." Which she says made it hard for her to sneak around.

Last Friday, Kim said her cravings were strong. The medicine in Smoke Away just wasn't helping. What did she do? She says she broke down and tried to buy a pack at the shop. "The guy opens the window and he sees me and starts laughing. And I'm thinking, he's not laughing at me, I'm just self conscious," said Kim.

She orders her cigarettes and she says the attendant gets them for her. "He holds them up against the window and says 'are these them?' And I said yes, those are it. I need them! He starts laughing again," she told the story.

Kim said nevermind and drove away and never got those cigarettes.

So perhaps the Smoke Away doesn't work to help you stop smoking, but maybe the power of television does?

Kim says that she will continue to stop smoking. She says one week in not enough time for any one to quit.

Also, the Smoke Away cost us $60. It guaranteed it would help you stop smoking in 7 days for good. It did not work at all!

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