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KCBD INVESTIGATES: City Fire Hydrant Repairs


KCBD has discovered that the city has failed to repair at least three area fire hydrants within the mandated time frame of 48 to 72 hours.

Photographs taken on April 17 revealed three black-bagged fire hydrants. One was located at 42nd and Chicago Avenue, the second just around the corner at 43rd and Dover and a third one at 57th and Indiana.

KCBD shot video two weeks later on May 2 and found all three fire hydrants were still black bagged.

We went back again a full five weeks later on May 19 and saw that the City had still failed to repair the hydrants in a timely manner.

We wanted to know why these hydrants were not being monitored or repaired within 48 to 72 hours, especially since two of the hydrants were in close proximity.

"The three that are in question have no excuse, should have been taken care of within 48 to 72 hours," said Kevin Lair, Superintendent for the City of Lubbock's Street and Utility division.

KCBD requested the fire hydrant repair list to see just how many hydrants were recently out of service.

The list we obtained, dated May 3, revealed that a total of 155 fire hydrants were in need of repair.

The list indicates that the hydrant off 57th and Indiana has been out of service since March 28, weeks earlier than the photographs were taken. Lair said it was black-bagged because the valve needed to be replaced.

The other two hydrants were reported out of service on April 26.

Deputy Robert Loveless with the Lubbock Fire Marshal's office said the repair list starts to grow dramatically when springtime hits.

"They'll start turning in hydrants that may have been damaged through the winter that maybe no one looked at for several weeks and those will stop populating that list," Loveless said. "Out of that many thousand fire hydrants anything can happen overnight. Someone can run into one and not even know they did it."

The city asks that you report any fire hydrant that is believed to be out of service by calling 311. They have over 6,000 to maintain.

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