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Woodrow Road Meeting Heavily Attended

They streamed in by the dozen, nearly filling Lubbock Cooper High School cafeteria. Over 100 residents pushing for safety improvements on Woodrow road. "It is time to do something now," said one parent.

While the high attendance to the event was encouraging, there was also a significant amount of frustration. The superintendent himself stated that almost every other year it seems that something like last week's accident, which took the life of 17-year-old Andrea Rodriguez, occurs.

Complaints about Woodrow Road included that it was too narrow with no shoulder, and that the widening project is at least 10 years away. There's no center stripe, and no speed limit signs.

Improvement suggestions included posted school zones, lower speed limits, and a heavier police presence. But when those suggestions go into effect is anybody's guess.

Until that time some parents are actually keeping their kids off of Woodrow all together. "The truck will be gone," said parent Mike Ruthjen. Before school even started, he told his 16-year-old son to stay off Woodrow or risk losing his truck. "It's sad but before school started this year I told him there's always someone who dies out here on this road, and that's what happened. It was an accident but it could have been prevented," he said.

"I know people have been frustrated for 20 or 30 years," said Bill McCay, most likely the next County Commissioner for Precinct One, sitting in the back with a red cap, listening to his neighbor's concerns. "I feel responsible just as a citizen and then hopefully as the next County Commissioner, there's a huge sense of urgency," he said.

Organizers intend on putting together a proposal from the suggestions gathered at the meeting and turning them in to the County Commissioner's later this week.

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