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Roofers, tree services overwhelmed by customer calls


After high winds, damaging hail and driving rain in Lubbock, people awoke Thursday morning to a scene of chaos. Trees were toppled over, in some cases on top of cars, homes and across roadways. Car windows were destroyed and roofs were in need of repair.

And for businesses all across the Hub City, phones started to ring.

"After the storms came through, our phones started ringing around midnight," said Certified Arborist Kelly Hildebrandt of Hildebrandt Tree Tech. "The biggest thing for us is, we're concerned with homeowners getting out there trying to deal with these tree limbs and they don't realize that even after a tree has hit the ground there's still opportunity for that tree to roll and hit people."

Hildebrandt and his crews were all over Lubbock Thursday, removing trees and making sure that people remained safe.

"If somebody's got a tree on a house or a tree on a car...then that's our priority tree because, again - after the tree has fallen and is in place it can still move especially if it has any altitude to it," he said. "We put together a game plan with our crew you know, dangers, hazards, we point those out and then we move forward in steps to make sure we secure the tree, get the tree to the ground and then clean everything up."

J Ferg Pros was also busy on Thursday, assessing the damage and planning repairs for personal and commercial buildings.

"This morning before 10 o'clock we had already 50 plus phone calls. Really as fast as we can answer them, they're coming in," said Owner JR Ferguson. "This storm was unique because of the wind. We get these hail storms, we get hail storms every single year, but not every single year do we see one with 80 or 100 mile per hour winds."

Across town at Glass Magic, crews were trying to repair car windows as quickly as the requests were coming in. Workers said it was more than they had seen in a long time.

"We're seeing mostly wind damage from the debris being pitched up, not as much hail damage on windows but a lot of wind debris," they said.

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