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Lubbock businesses, hospitals hit hard by Wednesday storm


A number of businesses, including local hospitals, are feeling the full weight of the damage caused by a powerful storm that ripped through the Hub City Wednesday night.

A portion of the roof at the Ashley Furniture HomeStore on Frankford Avenue was completely ripped off, destroying several of the store's furniture.

Spokesperson for Ashley Furniture, Jennifer Bailey, says they have been talking to construction crews and city officials to assess the water and electrical damage. Bailey says they plan to have the store reopened on Saturday. A press conference will be held at the store Friday at 8 a.m. KCBD will have a crew there and bring updates.

Lubbock Heart Surgical Hospital also had severe roof damage. Chief Executive Operator Roy Vinson says the storm ripped part of the roof off of the southwest corner of the hospital and subsequently caused a lot of water intrusion. Vinson says patients had to be relocated to other areas in the hospital that were safe.

"We had we moved them to the post-anesthesiology care unit first, cleaned them up, moved them to dry beds, gave them dry clothing, then found open beds in the other units throughout the hospital," said Vinson.

Vinson says they do have a safety plan in place and that is how they were able to transport everyone safely and successfully.

"The only thing that really dropped out of the ceiling area were the acoustical tiles, which are not that hard. I think maybe one patient may have been struck by a small portion that is very light material," Vinson said.

Vinson says there were no electrical hazards there.

Covenant Hospital is another one of the businesses picking up the pieces and assessing the damage. Media Relations Coordinator Whitney Bryant said their Safety Information Officer issued a "code green" during the storm meaning an internal disaster.

Bryant says there was severe window damage due to the destructive hail. Approximately 30 to 40 windows were completely shattered. Bryant says there were no patients in the areas that had the shattered windows so no one was injured. She also said there were a few ceiling leaks in some of the patient rooms which caused those patients to be relocated.

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