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30 people displaced as Wednesday winds devastate Tent City


Wednesday winds were strong enough to shatter windows, damage buildings, and rip the roofs off of permanent structures, so you can imagine what they did to the vulnerable residents of Tent City.

No one was injured, but dozens of tents were destroyed by the storm, and residents were forced to take shelter in their community center.

Frank Morrison of Link Ministries described the damage.

"We had a few tents that came down on the residents, and that's when they realized they needed to evacuate," Frank said.

Fortunately, the residents had a safe place to seek shelter.

Frank described it as "an old gin building. It's been here for 50 years. That was the safe place for everyone to be."

Twenty-six tents were damaged or destroyed, temporarily displacing 30 people.

But the cleanup effort is already underway.

"This morning everyone's been doing something," Frank said. "Whether pulling tents apart, getting pieces sorted out, getting the frames sorted through - to get tents back up as quickly as we can."

"These are just a few of our neighbors that god has asked us to take care of," Frank said.

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