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Food for Thought: 6.6

Out of dozens of restaurants inspected this week, we have a short order on the menu.

We begin at Ruby Tequila's at 8601 University; they were cited for five critical violations.
* Tomatoes and pico de gallo were above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.
* Several employee's drinks did not have lids.
* Raw ground beef was stored above whole cuts of raw beef.
* Several ready to eat foods were not properly date-marked.
* The inside of the ice machine was dirty.  Several dirty utensils were stored with clean ones.
The report shows all critical violations were corrected while the inspector was there.
Management tells us, they "were a top performer in the near past and will be a top performer in the near future."

Next we head to Josie's at 2332 19th Street.

Inspectors found seven critical violations.
* Multiple cold foods were not 41 degrees or below.
* An employee was not washing their hands for the proper amount of time.
* A drink did not have a lid on it, and there was ice in a hand sink.
* The inspector noted that there were foreign particles in the ice bin.  Cups were used to scoop ready to eat foods like fajita meat instead of a utensil.
* Some food items did not have an expiration date.
* Prescription medication was stored above produce.
* Soda nozzles were dirty as well as several other kitchen utensils.
Management tells us everything was quickly corrected while the inspector was there.
The report shows that as well.

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Food for Thought Report: 6.6

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