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Neugebauer on Republican National Convention

The main man takes center stage at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night. President George W. Bush will officially accept the Republican re-nomination for four more years as President.

Our local Congressman Randy Neugebauer is at the Convention and NewsChannel 11's Ashley Rodriquez talked with him via satellite, here's a transcription of that interview.

AR:Do you have any idea what we can expect to hear from President Bush?

RN: "Well I think you are going to hear him talk about his vision for America as we move into the next four years.  I think you'll hear him talk about what we have accomplished, but that there is much to be accomplished and how we must continue to stimulate this economy and how we must continue to win this war on terrorism.  And that we are going to do that by building a strong National Defense and by getting our intellegance infrastructure back in place where it should've been.  And so I think we're going to hear a clear vision from our President."

AR:The 9-11 attacks have been a major theme at the convention, what other themes are Republicans focusing on?

RN: "Well I think they are talking a lot about leadership, who can lead this country as we move forward and who has provided great leadership through some very difficult times in America.  After 9-11, the War in Iraq, the War on Terrorism.  We'll also be talking about the economy, and the different philosophies, about less government, less taxes and how that's led to more jobs for American people."

AR:We've heard a lot about protestors, how serious are they and are you feeling safe there?

RN: "I feel safe here.  I haven't seen much of the porotestors.  The City of New York is doing an extremly good job, they are moving people through the security here at the Convention so I feel very safe here."

AR:Talk about the security a little bit is it pretty tight?

RN: "Well there is a lot of security presence here and I think that is just to make a statement that they intend for this to be a very uneventful event, but it's tight there."

AR:Tell us what the mood is like there at the Convention?

RN: "It's extremely positive, people are excited, they are energized.  I'm excited to be here to support the team that I am on and that's the team of George Bush and Dick Cheny.  I'm proud to be on the same ticket with them, the same team with them."

Congressman Neugebauer says the power speakers throughout the convention thus far have been very important as this Convention, he says, is a great launching point for President Bush' re-election campaign.

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