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Efforts To Keep Qualified Workforce In Lubbock

Keeping a qualified and trained workforce in Lubbock. That's the goal of Market Lubbock and WorkSource of the South Plains. A labor market survey was released on Thursday, focusing on the regional job market.

Market Lubbock conducted this survey specifically to help develop jobs to keep college graduates in Lubbock instead of moving to other cities. It includes wages, job types, growth and cost of living statistics. But even that may not be enough to make Texas Tech students stay in the Hub City.

"I definitely love it here, of course if the opportunity came up, I'd stay here," says Sports Science Student Daniel Ward.

That's the primary challenge for Market Lubbock - to create those job opportunities so that Texas Tech graduates will choose to live and work in the Hub City. "I don't think there is much opportunity for money making in Lubbock, with architecture at least, it's all pretty generic here," explains Iga Sienzzylo, an Architecture Major

While for some students job opportunities made no difference. "I know there's some good companies here and maybe Dallas, I would look at Dallas before anywhere else," explains Trent McNeme, a student studying advertising. Lindsay Flippin, a nursing student, agrees. "I like Lubbock as a college town but I think I want to go to the Metroplex area," she says.

For others, working in Lubbock is the practical option. "I think it might be easier for me to get a job here since I'm doing my student teaching here and I've gone to Tech, I feel like I could get hired here rather than going to a big city," remarks Megan Pedigo who is earning a degree in education.

Even though the survey shows Lubbock ranks low when it comes to hourly wages, so is the cost of living, a reason job seekers may find this city attractive. "It's just so much cheaper to live in West Texas, especially Lubbock," says Jildardo Arias, Civil Engineering student.

The survey shows the hourly wage in this region is at $9.38, relatively low, but since Lubbock ranks sixth in the state for lowest cost of living, the low wage balances that out. To view the other findings of the labor market survey, just ( click here).

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