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LP&L: 90% of reported outages will be restored by Sunday

Provided by Lubbock Power & Light

Lubbock Power & Light would like to make all customers aware of the most up to date information regarding the restoration efforts underway across the service territory.

• 90% of all customers who reported an outage will be restored by 12 a.m. Sunday, June 9, 2013.

• The live electric outage map located on the LP&L website (http://electric_outage.lpandl.com/) shows fewer than 900 customer reported outages as of 11:30 a.m. CST.

• Temporary service has been established to customers in the areas where new construction will be required to reestablish permanent service.

• Contracted construction crews arrived this morning to assist and provide relief to LP&L constructions crews.

LP&L, along with our partners in City Emergency Management, continue to urge all customers regardless of the status of their electricity to exercise extreme caution around any electrical generators being used and power lines.

Good common sense and respect for the potential danger posed by this equipment is of vital importance. Report downed lines that may pose an electrocution or fire threat to 911. Be vigilant around trees and watch for falling trees or branches.

LP&L and city leaders will continue to keep you informed of important information as situation progresses.

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