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Teacher You Can Count On: Gayle Reese

We all know that the food offered at Taco Villa and United are a vital part of every high schoolers life but can it help you with your grades? Students at Lubbock High School have proof that it does because part of their class is having a job outside of school. This week's Teacher You Can Count On, Gayle Reese, helps students recognize the importance of marketing yourself not only in the classroom but in the real world as well.

Students like senior Ashley Burgess have proof of inspiration in the form of their teacher Gayle Reese. Burgess says, "My first year I didn't have a job and she checked up on me everyday. Do you have a job and she got me a job."

Reese's Marketing/Business Class at Lubbock High School can be described as a classroom outside of a classroom. Every student is required to get a job and often that is where the real learning begins. Sean Nichols says, "You do hard work you get rewarded for it. That's how it happened at United. I work at United. I worked hard and I got moved up quick just working hard and it will give you what you want."

It is Reese's belief in her students talents that have helped them succeed in life. "These kids come back to me for years and years to come and I have people that are service managers at the bank, managing stores, entrepreneurs that are owning their own business and its because of the leadership they had in this class that they went on and broadened themselves and they were able to be successful." Reese's basic foundation is encouragement and her personal interest in students lives is what builds a relationship of trust. "If these students believe in themselves, if they have somebody believe in them then they can be successful."

Reese also teaches the Teacher Career Prep Program which allows her students to work at the elementary schools. Outside of the classroom Reese enjoys visiting her students at their jobs.

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