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Tornado Warning Task Force to have recommendations by Oct. 1


There was a full agenda for Lubbock City Council members Thursday night, and tornado sirens were a hot topic.

The council approved a tornado warning task force and gave them until Oct. 1 to report their findings. The 19-member committee will be responsible for researching sirens and other tornado warning methods.

KCBD's Chief Meteorologist John Robison was on hand to provide his thoughts and explain the various warning options we have here at KCBD.

There was also a lengthy back and forth between council members and Emergency Management Coordinator Jay Parchman.

The 19 members include the police and fire chief, a National Weather Service Meteorologist and a Red Cross Volunteer, along with Mayor Glen Robertson and County Judge Tom Head.

Robertson says this task force will look into every aspect of warning systems.

"Let's find out what the best options are, how much it will cost, how long it will take to implement it, what type of overlap and redundancy do we need to build into the system. So this is going to be a task force to gather information and make recommendations to this council," Robertson said.

Who's paying for these sirens and how much it will cost came up over and over Thursday night. That's something the task force will explore.

Last month, KCBD launched the Support Our Sirens campaign to champion the cause of tornado sirens in Lubbock. The petition is available here:

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