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Your Week in Viral Videos: NSA will laugh when it reads this

(Source: Marco Santoru/YouTube) (Source: Marco Santoru/YouTube)

(RNN) - If you have formed no hardcore beliefs in life, you can at least believe this - people will find a way to complain about anything.

I mean, what's the big deal with the NSA snooping on folks? If you watched The Simpsons, you would already be prepared for that.

So let's make a deal. We'll try to talk about something positive, like the guy in a horse mask playing mini drums on the street.

Whaaaaat? Yeah, this is about to happen…

The great french fry heist

No matter how cool it may seem, there are several drawbacks to feeding wild animals.

They lose their fear of humans, making them dangerously aggressive, and they become overweight.

When a squirrel closely guards a box of McDonald's fries, no doubt it's cute, but imagine if that was a bear.

A dog's life

And then there are some animals whose actions, well, you just can't defend.

Obviously, this pooch didn't understand his master when he warned of the unwanted consequences of his actions.

But hey, when you need a drink, you need a drink.

A dream come true … sort of

Any time you get to spend with a living legend is unforgettable - especially if that person smacks you across the head with a hardwood stick.

Only in martial arts could this type of story have a happy ending. Let Jackie Chan tell you the rest.


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