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New technology may help prevent drowning

Drowning is a silent tragedy. In reality, it rarely comes with the screaming and waving hands we see in the movies. More often, it's motionless and the person goes limp in the water.

But some new technology may help. Newly installed by the YMCA in Atlanta, they're using special cameras by Poseidon Electronics that are engineered to run both above and under the water.

"The camera follows a distressed person to the bottom of the pool. Once that person is motionless for 10 seconds, that alarm will sound," said Geoff Menard who is with Poseidon Technology.

"It is a back-up for our lifeguards, because even the most well-trained lifeguard can miss a potential drowning," Menard said.

These cameras are not available in Lubbock yet, and even if they do end up here, the YMCA is quick to say cameras are no substitute for parental supervision.

But it's a great underwater eye to identify a struggling child when parents think he or she is just playing.

Dr. Tedd Mitchell, president of the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, has more tips on keeping kids safe in the pool. That's coming up in the President's Prescription, Sunday on Newschannel 11 at ten.

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