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Perry says equal pay bill would duplicate federal legislation


On Friday the office of Texas Governor Rick Perry released a list of bills that were approved along with a list of those he vetoed.

Those he approved are well documented - the "Merry Christmas" bill, water bill and one that required certain academic institutions to offer a fixed tuition price, among others.

But the governor vetoed HB 950, a bill to guarantee equal pay for women in Texas.

"You're not asking them to get ahead of the line, you're asking them to also just be in the line. [Women] would be paid the same as a man," said Texas District 114 Representative Senfronia Thompson, the author of the bill. "They would be paid for the same work with the same ethics and experience and educational background."

The bill would've brought Texas in compliance with the federal Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, one of the main reasons why Perry decided to veto:

"Texas' commitment to smart regulations and fair courts is a large part of why we continue to lead the nation in job creation. House Bill 950 duplicates federal law, which already allows employees who feel they have been discriminated against through compensation to file a claim with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission," Perry said.

Representative Thompson disagrees.

"We're just mirroring what is already Federal law and we do that all the time. It's nothing unusual in Texas, it's always done," she said. "It's clear that you have 18 months to bring a cause of action on discrimination of a paycheck and you have a two-year statute of limitations period. You can't go back any farther than those two years," Thompson said.

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