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West Texas Musicians Shine in Lubbock Lights

Lubbock Lights, a documentary, shares the philosophies and thoughts of various West Texas musicians. Joe Ely, Terry Allen, Butch Hancock, and Tommy Hancock are just a few of the West Texas musicians highlighted in Lubbock Lights, a documentary exploring music on the South Plains.

"I'm a huge West Texas music fan, and I'm from Lubbock and no one else has done it," says Amy Maner, producer and director of Lubbock Lights.

Reason enough for Amy Maner to take on the project of directing and producing Lubbock Lights, but she could never predict how far West Texas music would take her.

"We went overseas to Dublin, London, and Glasgow. They really know their music, and if you mention Lloyd Maines or Jesse Taylor, they immediately not only know all their albums, but they'll know it's song three on this album. They're very studied on their music," says Maner.

A music that in Europeans' minds comes from a place as mysterious as its musicians.

"They want to visit Lubbock. They think it's this magical, mystical land where prairie dogs are running around and everyone carries an instrument in their hand," says Maner.

Even the musicians featured in the documentary share the effect Lubbock has on them artistically.

"From an egomaniac point of view, you're always in the center of everything, but you're also surrounded by everything so you're kind of an egomaniac paranoid," says Terry Allen, a West Texas musician.

For 80 minutes, the screen at the Cactus Theater was full of West Texas Music legends, many who have performed right here on this stage bringing back fond memories from the audience.

"We've been following watching these musicians and listening to them for a long time," says a viewer of the documentary.

"I've heard about the Flatlanders and seen them once before but never up close and personal like this," says another viewer.

And the only complaint from the audience was that the film had to end.

For more information on the documentary, you can (click here).

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