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How stem cells from fat can save your life

In a recent HealthWise story, we told you that UCLA researchers have discovered our fat contains more stem cells than any other tissue in the body. And fat doesn't just contain the most stem cells, it holds the best kind to grow to become any part of the body.

Already, some doctors are removing the fat in a simpler version of liposuction, which is just a one hour procedure under local anesthesia. They're taking out just enough fat to get what you need to bank it and then save it.

"It's a small amount - about 20 ccs which is less than a shot glass," said plastic surgeon Dr. John Joseph.

"(We) put them in syringes and immediately FedEx them overnight to the company in Arizona. They then process it, and then they can freeze them 20-30 years, probably indefinitely," said Joseph.

Those stem cells could someday prove to be a lifesaver in fighting whatever disease develops down the road.

For now, the process costs about $2,000 initially plus a storage fee of about $100 a year.

So far, no one in Lubbock is providing this mini-liposuction as a health insurance plan.

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