Hundreds of women protest new Texas abortion regulations

Source: MGN Images
Source: MGN Images

Associated Press
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The Republican chairman of a House committee considering new abortion regulations in Texas has told more than 300 women that they would not be allowed to testify against the bill because it had become too repetitive.
The predominantly-female audience roared in disapproval when Corsicana Rep. Byron Cook made the announcement. State troopers flooded the room as he and other Republicans left.
The new bills would limit how, when and where women could get abortions in Texas and shut down 38 out or 42 clinics in the state.
The bill's supporters argued that they are trying to improve women's safety when they undergo abortions, but acknowledged that they hope the new rules will reduce the number of abortions in Texas. The Republican-dominated committee was expected to pass the bill.

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