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LEDA follows in Perry's footsteps, reaches out to gun makers


The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) is currently appealing to gun manufacturers to bring their businesses to the Hub City.

John Osborne, President and CEO of LEDA says Lubbock is the perfect fit for these companies to either expand or relocate.

"We've got a great workforce here and good training programs that are in place to help recruit those companies and catch their eye," Osborne said. "Most manufacturers are going to want to be near customers or near suppliers. We know we have a lot of customers here." 

LEDA's campaign follows Gov. Rick Perry's visit to Connecticut to reach out to manufacturers who have felt restricted by tighter gun control laws.

Guns have been a hot-button issue since the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty students and six adults were fatally shot at Sandy Hook Elementary back in December. Consequently, legislatures in that area started implementing stricter gun laws.

"After Newtown, the legislatures up in the northeast part of the United States started analyzing all the different laws that were on the books as it relates to gun manufacturers," Osborne said. "And they decided to start implementing some laws that were making it much harder for them to do business."

Osborne says once companies announced they could possibly be leaving the state because of these laws, he thought that was the perfect opportunity to propose Lubbock as an option for relocation.

But Osborne says attracting these companies isn't that simple. There are other states with their eyes on them as well.

"Now every aggressive state, Oklahoma, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, they're all being active, going after these companies because they see that somebody's actually interested in moving."

While Osborne says this effort could land more jobs here in the Hub City, some Lubbockites are concerned about safety.

"More crimes, I'm from California where they have a lot of crime. And I wouldn't want to see guns here," one woman said.

Nevertheless, most here agree it would be a big boost for our local economy.

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