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Safety tips to beat the summertime heat

We're not used to a lot of humidity out here, but with the cloudy days and scattered showers this week, the heat and humidity are working together to create a greater risk for anyone working outside or playing.

Kids can appear active on a hot summer day, but heat exhaustion or heat stroke can sneak up on even the most energetic. Here's what parents can do before an outdoor activity for kids.

"Not only getting them to take in a great healthy breakfast but also starting the hydration process with water or a sports drink also dressing them in light colored loose fitting clothing would also be helpful," said Dr. Kay Leaming-Van Zandt who is an ER doctor.

She also adds parents should talk to their children about the warning signs of heat related illnesses. They should tell them if they ever feel light-headed or confused while playing outside, tell an adult and find a cool place and rest.

Other danger signs include muscle cramping, headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting

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