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Shooting victim detailed long history of abuse

Kayla Ann Lewis, 19 (Source: Facebook) Kayla Ann Lewis, 19 (Source: Facebook)

On June 6, Kayla Ann Lewis requested a restraining order against Marc Anthony Reyes in the interest of their child, Autumn Blaize Reyes.

In the affidavit, Lewis said she and Reyes met in 2010 while she was in high school and that Reyes had been physically violent with her throughout the relationship.

Lewis said the first serious incident was when she was six months pregnant. She said she went to Reyes' apartment and they began to argue.

"I got up to leave, and he threw me down on the couch. I tried to get up again and reached for my phone to call for help. He physically took my phone from me. He did not allow me to call for help," Lewis said. "I went to the front window of the apartment to try and get someone's attention so that they could help me. He grabbed me by my arms and twisted me into a hold where I could not escape. I was able to run into the bathroom, where I locked myself inside."

Lewis said she was finally able to convince Reyes to let her leave and immediately called the police after she left the apartment. She said Reyes was angry and possessive with her throughout their relationship and would make threats.

"He would continually threaten to hurt himself and try to hunt me down all over town. Marc has written me a suicide note in the past and has had to go to the hospital to have his stomach pumped due to overdosing on prescription drugs," Lewis said.

The final straw came on June 3.

Lewis said Reyes came over after work to see Autumn. She said it was part of an effort to put their past behind them and do what was best for their daughter, but Lewis said when Reyes was about to leave, they began to argue.

She said she asked him to go and then heard some clicking sounds. She said Reyes put Autumn in her car seat and said he was taking her away.

Lewis said she was terrified because of Reyes' "suicidal tendencies and overdosing on drugs," adding that he had never had Autumn overnight.

Lewis said, "I got in front of Marc to try and stop him from taking our daughter. He then grabbed me by the back of my head and hair and slammed me into the wall. At this point, I blacked out. When I came to, I was on the floor and he was in my face screaming at me. I got up and ran to my room to get my phone. He chased me. I was trying to dial 911 and he grabbed me by my hair again and yanked the phone from my hands."

Lewis said Reyes grabbed Autumn and took off running. She said she chased after them but was unable to catch up. Lewis said she feared for the safety of her child and tried on several occasions to locate her. She said she called Reyes' phone and even went to his mother's house, but no one answered.

The final line of the affidavit reads, "I fear for my safety and the safety of my child because I have every reason to expect that Respondent (Marc) will continue this violent behavior. He is unstable and should not be unsupervised around Autumn."

Reyes was due in court on the 19th for a hearing on this matter. Four days later, the Lubbock County Sheriff discovered Reyes had shot and killed Kayla Lewis and 17-year-old Jack Alexander "Alex" Bridges in her home. Reyes then took Autumn to his mother's home in the 4300 block of 42nd street and killed himself with a gun.


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