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Healthy Fast Food...An Oxymoron?

This is football season, and much, much more for Mom. She needs help. How do you keep your family eating healthily with an impossible schedule? We are starting as regular feature that will spotlight making it easier to eat well. We will look at menu planning and other issues and we are starting with short cuts.

The frozen food industry has been working on creating better and healthier instant food. There are three companies that produce the best choices for you and your family. They are Weight Watchers Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, and Healthy Choice.

These healthier choices are not only lower in calories and/or carbs but you will also find reduced sodium and fat. For instance, if you check out beef pot pie, a Stouffer's Entree may have fewer calories than a Lean Cuisine, but it has twice the amount of sodium or salt. Marie Callender's Herb roasted chicken dinner has three times the calories and 10 times the fat when compared with a Lean Cuisine Cafe Classic.

Because these dinners are limited in calories, they may not be enough food for some. Add more vegetables, a salad, and a piece of fruit. For a really big eater, you could even serve two of these dinners and come out with fewer calories and a lost less fat. Even adding a few extras, you can have dinner in 15 minutes And without guilt.

The fast food industry is back on as healthy kick. Again, the choices are the key to eating well at the fast food restaurant. At Burger King, choose the Grilled Chicken Baguette with light dressing. You could have two of those before you catch up calorically with a Whopper and fries.

McDonald's salads are really tasty but be sure to ask for a light dressing or bring your own. Finish that salad with a fruit parfait and most children will be delighted.

Invest in a small book that will give you the lowdown on calories, fat, etc. Make it a game and let your kids pick out the healthy meal for the evening.

The message is fast can be healthy.

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