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46 moms shaving their heads for cancer awareness

It was fun in the sun today for Gabe and Michelle Garcia and their two little ones, but tomorrow, Michelle will drive to San Antonio to make a statement in the fight against cancer.

You may remember 3 year old Caden Garcia from our Children's Miracle Network telethon. His leukemia is in remission right now. But Michelle, is joining other mothers whose children have cancer in a national fundraiser called "46 moms shave for the brave".

"46 is significant because every school day in the United States alone, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer, so it was a mom who got the idea, let's take that statistic and make it visible, so we get 46 moms of children with cancer together and we all shave our heads, and I mean you can't ignore 46 bald women."

If you would like to support Michelle in her effort to raise money for the St. Baldrick's foundation which funds grants for childhood cancer research, we have a link on our website, along with another link to a music video she put together in honor of her son. Just go to kcbd.com.

And when she returns next week, we'll follow up with a look at her new look and we'll find out what that whole experience meant to her to go bald for her son who is fighting cancer.

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