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City of Lubbock paying to repair sections of Milwaukee Ave.


City of Lubbock crews responded to a road emergency Wednesday evening when a section of 82nd and Milwaukee buckled.

Keith Smith, Chief Operating Officer for the City of Lubbock said, "We have a paving failure that occurred due to the expansion of the concrete paving there."

"There were slabs that were separate from the concrete paving itself that were put in as part of the project. One of those slabs was able to move and when it did, it buckled and broke,"  Smith said.

"There was something done during construction. It looked like the bottom half of the slab was poured separately from the top half of the slab, which is not the normal construction process," Smith said.

Smith said the part of the roadway that buckled was weaker because it was poured by hand.

"The main part of the roadway was machine-poured and a whole lot strong(er) and better construction," he said.

The contractor, Granite Construction, completed the project in 2006. At the time, the $18 million project was the only concrete road in Lubbock, spanning from 34th Street to 92nd Street.

Concrete construction is more expensive but the city expected to save money in the long run. Concrete has a life span of 40 years and although it costs more money up front, Smith said it is more durable and has to be repaired less frequently than asphalt.

The city is planning to install expansion joints in the concrete during the repair so the road will be able to expand and contract without buckling.

Construction projects are usually under a one-year warranty. The project was finished in 2006 so the city must pay for the repair. Smith says they have not yet determined the cost to the city.

KCBD has tried to reach Granite Construction for comment but has not heard back as of Thursday evening. 

Smith says crews are hoping they can begin pouring concrete at 7 p.m. They plan to have the road open within the next two days.

Smith says city crews will be examining all concrete streets in Lubbock to make sure this doesn't happen again.

The City of Lubbock released this statement on Thursday night:

Street crews are working on fixing the concrete at Milwaukee Avenue at 82nd Street. Once crews finish pouring the concrete, it will need to cure overnight. The Street Department hopes to completely reopen Milwaukee Avenue south of 82nd Street Friday night.

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