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How a special kind of strep can change your child's behavior

We're all familiar with strep throat. When kids get it, we know that means they're not going to school and antibiotics will clear it up in a few days.

But imagine a different kind of strep, one that could trigger obsessive compulsive disorder, involuntary facial tics and violent fits of rage.

For some children, bizarre behavior like that may be triggered by a type of strep infection that develops into a disorder known as panda.

"Pandas is pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections," said Dr. Dean Klug, an ear, nose and throat doctor.

"When they were treated with antibiotics, the behaviors diminished or actually disappeared. So there was felt to be a connection. And with repeated infections and with these disturbing behaviors, it was found that in many cases by getting the tonsils removed that these behaviors could be resolved," said Klug.

The pandas disorder primarily affects young children. If you notice unexplained behavior in your child overnight, doctors say even something as simple as a child picking his skin or pulling his hair, you might want to see your doctor about a strep test.

But to find this kind of disorder, it needs to be a blood test, not just a mouth swab.

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