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Food for Thought: 6.27

Out of dozens of restaurants inspected this week we have three low performers on the menu.

Rooftop Café at 3300 82nd had 10 critical violations.
* Raw pork, ham and other food items were above the safe cold hold of 41 degrees.
* Employees did not wash their hands before putting on gloves
* Employee wiped sweat from their face and then handled tortillas. The hand sink was dirty.
* Raw chicken was stored above raw fish, beef and pork.
* Several ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods did not have an expiration date.
* The cleaning solution was not strong enough and the dish wash machine was not sanitizing.
* Several coolers did not have a thermometer.
* A can opener was dirty and the inside of the ice machine was slightly soiled.
* The inspector noted, due to the number and nature of the violations the manager did not demonstrate food safety knowledge.
Management was not available for comment, but the report shows the violations were corrected during the inspection.

Next we head to Logan's Roadhouse at 6251 Slide Road. They had nine critical violations.
* Cooked fish and beef were not cooked to the proper temperature.
* An employee was eating in the kitchen, and an employee's drink did not have a lid.
* A food service basket was on top of sliced tomatoes.
* Multiple ready to eat foods did not have an expiration date.
* Several live flies were in the meat cutting room.
* An orange liquid in a spray bottle did not have a label.
* There was no thermometer in a meat cooler.
* A couple of kitchen utensils were dirty or broken.
* The inspector said he observed a lack of food safety knowledge due to the nature and number of violations.
Management tells us everything was corrected on the spot. The report shows that as well.

Our last stop is Cancun Mexican Restaurant at 7905 University. They were cited for eight critical violations.
* Chili rellenos were thrown out because they did not cool properly in the allowed time.
* Several cold foods were above 41 degrees.
* An employee's drink did not have a lid.
* A can of soda was inside the ice machine. Raw beef was touching tomatoes.
* Several items did not have an expiration date.
* A sanitizer was at toxic levels.
* The ice machine and blender were dirty.
* Due to the number and nature of the violations, food safety knowledge was not demonstrated.
Management says everything was immediately corrected; the report shows that as well.

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