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Accidental treatment that could lead to a cure

This is an amazing story from Brigham and women's hospital in Boston that gives hope to millions.

Doctors there say they can no longer find any evidence of the aids virus in two patients with HIV who were also treated for cancer. Each man had a bone marrow transplant to treat their cancer diagnosis. The HIV infection was incidental, but in the process of treating the lymphoma, the bone marrow each man received was, of course, not infected with HIV.

The men continued to take their HIV drug medicine for a while after the procedure.

Researchers now believe following up with routine HIV medication kept the new bone marrow from becoming infected.

Now, it's been three years for one of the men and four years for the other and each has stopped taking the HIV medicine altogether because neither patient is showing any trace of HIV in the body.

Scientists are not calling it a cure, but say it is certainly intriguing and could lead to something big. 

This study was presented at the International AIDS Society Conference.

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