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Lubbock prepares for America's birthday at Fourth on Broadway


Broadway may have looked empty Wednesday night, but that won't be the case come morning. Prepping for America's birthday, Lubbock style, isn't as easy as it looks.

Leroy Hildebrand and his wife own the Classy Caboose, a parade staple that's been serving hand-dipped corn dogs since the first float traveled down Broadway. He says the elbow grease is well worth it.

"It'll take two to three hours tonight and three hours to tear down tomorrow evening. Some people come year after year and we recognize them," Hildebrand said.

And the parade route wasn't the only Lubbock location buzzing with worker bees on Wednesday. Performers were doing microphone checks left and right as they set up for the street dance and the fireworks show at Mackenzie Park.

The Youth Orchestra of Lubbock spent the day prepping to be the soundtrack for the night's festivities. Angela Frisbee says their patriotic playing will coincide with the fireworks spectacular.

"You'll get to hear an orchestra play. They're kiddos and they are very talented," Frisbee said.

Of course, you can't say happy birthday to America without watching the Lubbock sky light up.

"We've got everything from white and green and yellow you name it," Pyrotechnics expert Jeremy Ross said.

The show will last about 22 minutes, but it takes a lot longer to set up.

"It's tubes and sand and boards. Don't put any body parts over the tubes while you're loading them, because it's like a gun," Ross said.

So while you're enjoying the celebrations on the Fourth of July, don't forget about the effort it took to pull it off.

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