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Innovative water can change your sight

If you're one of the millions of Americans who wear contacts and suffer from dry and irritated eyes, a special type of contact lens might be right up your alley.

This new type of lens has two parts, and according to Optometrist Melvin Gehrig, can completely change how a lens feels in your eye.

"The inside lens is made out of silicone, which creates the oxygen permeability that we want in a contact today. The outside of the lens is a type of hydrogel that, when it touches the eye, you're almost touching 100% water," Dr. Gehrig said. 

Though this is an innovative way for contact wearers to deal with their lenses, this innovation comes at a price. A prescription for both eyes is around $60 a month.

Right now, the lens is only being made for near-sighted people, but developers are working on expanding the prescription to those with astigmatism, bifocals and other vision problems.

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