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Teacher You Can Count On: Gerallyn Stephenson

"Our first line is a straight line," says Gerallyn Stephenson, an art teacher.

Learning lines is one of the most basic concepts of art, but in Stephenson's class it becomes an opportunity for each first grader to express their inner creativity. "Our next line is a zig-zag zig-zag zig-zag line," says Stephenson.

The artwork students create using lines is just the beginning of Stephenson's ultimate design to mold her students artistically. "You will be amazed by the end of the year they will be doing some pretty nice masterpieces," says Stephenson.

In a class where the answer is never wrong, Stephenson's goal is for each student to develop and display their hidden talents "I think students now everything is one right answer in a lot of areas of teaching you know reading and math and different things and this is a neat way for them to express themselves," says Stephenson.

Behind each piece of art is a better understanding of the differences in each student's heritage. "I like for the kids to be aware of their culture. So we do study a lot of artists and time periods and paintings and different things like that," says Stephenson.

It is Stephenson's appreciation for all the elements surrounding art and her passion to pass it along that makes her a teacher you can count on.

"I get to have fun everyday and I get to have fun with the kids and the kids get to have fun with me. The kids are excited and thrilled and proud of their projects they get to do in art."

Outside of the classroom Stephenson still expresses her creative side, she enjoys making jewelry and pottery. If there is a teacher you would like us to recognize, e-mail us the reasons by clicking here

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