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Texas Tech Launches Program To Kick Student Disruption To The Curb

More than 80% of Texas Tech students live off campus. A new program targets those students by educating them on how their lifestyle affects people who live around them.

For instance, Tech Terrace is a neighborhood where complaints about parking and loud noise are nothing new. Ending those complaints is the goal of one new program called Neighbor to Neighbor introduced on Thursday.

Dozens of cars owned by Texas Tech students line the streets of Tech Terrace, a problem residents are concerned with. "It's hard to get up and down the streets when the streets are filled with cars," explains resident and President of Tech Terrace U.N.I.T. Marjorie Manning.

It's not just the parking issue, residents in the neighborhood also complain about trash and loud parties. That's why Texas Tech has responded with a program aimed at kicking negative behavior to the curb.

Julie Benson from Student Health Services says educating students on how to have a positive lifestyle is the key to building good relationships with neighbors. "Making sure their activities as far as noise level and alcohol issues aren't interfering with other people's space," she explains. An issue even students admit is present. "There's the typical noise complaint, too many cars parking on the street, too many students who have loud parties, trash and stuff that they leave behind," says SGA External Vice-President Ann Hunninghake.

But it's more than just an educational effort, Hunninghake says a positive response from students could show that they can live together in a peaceful environment, proving the current housing ordinance that prohibits more than two unrelated people from sharing a house is uncalled for. "We're hoping that this evidence will also prove the fact that two or more unrelated students can live together and the ordinance is outdated and not necessary," she says.

On a side note, Mayor Marc McDougal supports this effort. Tuesday evening, volunteers will hand out educational packets to students living in Tech Terrace, Jefferson Commons and Raiders Pass, areas where students are centralized.

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