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LPD increasing manpower after 7th robbery in two weeks


The Lubbock Police Department says aggravated robbery is up in Lubbock. Thursday morning's robbery at CVS was the 7th in the city in just two weeks.

There have been several robberies just in the month of June. The Stripes at 34th and Q was robbed on June 24th. Game Room #3 was robbed on June 25, Taco Villa at 4500 50th was robbed on June 27 and again on July 5. There were two separate home invasions reported on July 3 and July 10.

LPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Jason Lewis said much of the increase in criminal activity can be blamed on the warm weather.

"Criminals want to be out when it's warm and enjoy the warm weather just like everybody else. It's a perfect time for them to commit those crimes," he said.

Lewis also said more houses tend to be vacant because of summer travel.

Because of the increase, Lewis said homeowners need to be smart.

"When you're outside working in your front yard, please look around. If anybody is sitting in a car down the street, if they're watching houses, if something looks unusual, it probably is. If something doesn't look right to you, you're probably right," he said. "Pay attention. Let neighbors know, I saw this vehicle. Let the police department know."

Lewis said a lot of burglars just knock on random doors to see who's home. They scan the area to see what they can take.

He said the police department will increase their presence wherever it is needed.

"Every year, the chiefs get together and they actually make heat maps. They look at all the crime rates throughout the city and that kind of dictates what kind of manpower needs to be shifted to different areas," he said.

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