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Why fish oil supplements might not be right for you

After following 2,000 men, researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center have found that fish oil supplements might not be as safe as once thought.

The research was done on men all over the age of 50 and proved findings from an earlier study. According to both studies, fish oil supplements are linked to a 71% increase in risk of a deadly form of prostate cancer.

"We were very surprised by these findings and the reason is because inflammation we know is associated with the development of prostate cancer and we also know that omega 3 fatty acids decrease inflammation. So this was an association but in the opposite direction of what we expected," says Dr. Alan Kristal with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

According to experts, more research is needed before men should change their supplement intake. Cardiologists add that if you don't feel comfortable taking fish oil supplements, three servings of oily fish a week is enough.

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