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Lubbock Prepares for 9/11 Tribute

"You think about what happens and it moves you," said Bill Craft. He's laying a foundation for reflection. He and his crew have been measuring, rolling, re-barring, and remembering. "Anytime you do something like this for what went on you think about that, guys been talking about that," he said.

Guys like Daniel Venegas, setting up the lights, recalling last year's tribute. "It really hits down deep in the heart when you saw how many flags and you really couldn't see from one end to the other," he said. When it came time to take down the lights, Daniel took home a flag. "Ended up buying one of those flags. That stays in our office and has a great meaning to us," he said solemnly.

And like last year, the flags will be flying in a field of innocence - an elementary school. "Some of the kids told me that they're setting up the flags tomorrow morning," said Daley Lehmann, a YWCA counselor, supervising kids at play next to the field. "I'll never forget what happened but seeing this, recovery, and everybody is putting their best effort, and we care about our nation," he said.

Three years later, and 9/11 has become as much about remembering the lost as uniting those left to remember.

Park and Ride Information

Busses will run on Friday and Saturday from the following locations.

  • Southcrest Baptist Church- Beginning at 6:30 into the evening.
  • 66th and Indinana- Beginning at 6:30 into the evening.
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