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Police crediting KCBD for arrest of porch thief

Surveillance camera footage provided by residents Surveillance camera footage provided by residents

A suspect has been arrested after KCBD launched an investigation into a string of porch thefts.

Since March, home security cameras have captured numerous images of a female repeatedly stealing UPS packages from the doorsteps of a West Lubbock neighborhood. Now this 14-year old girl is being charged with theft, a class B misdemeanor.

Lubbock police are saying if it wasn't for the information KCBD gave them, and the help of one determined resident, the porch thief would still be terrorizing the neighborhood.

Residents told us about their surveillance videos on Friday and we checked out the neighborhood to see what we could find out.

While we were there, we spotted a gray PT Cruiser, the vehicle seen in surveillance videos. KCBD followed the vehicle to the United parking lot at 19th and Quaker and watched as an able-bodied teen parked in a handicapped spot and walked inside.

She resembled the girl in the videos and we noticed some packages in her back seat. KCBD notified police and when the teen walked out, we followed her until officers caught up with us and pulled her over.

The officer told us the driver of the PT Cruiser was a 14-year old girl and wasn't the individual they were looking for. They called her parents to pick her up and sent her on her way.

But now Captain Jon Caspell is saying that was the wrong call.

"Things are different when you're on patrol and things are happening fast. We as a department may have missed something. We're certainly not perfect," Caspell said.

The story doesn't end there, though. Friday night, one of the residents who had his packages stolen multiple times tracked her to an apartment and called police.

The girl was arrested and taken to a juvenile facility.

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