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Lubbock Remembers September 11th

Ask anyone where they were on September 11th three years ago, and it's obviously seared into memory. It's those memories that have created An American Tribute at Lubbock's Kastman Park. One thousand flags now show Lubbock will never forget.

Volunteer Linda Dozier recites from her poem, "Today I stood in a field of flags red white and blue.  Each one symbolizes a loss and a dream that could never come true."  Linda says, "You stand in a field of flags waving and it just does something to you and it moved me." Last year's 9-11 tribute moved Linda Dozier to write that poem about her experience. She chose to volunteer her time setting up this year's American Tribute at Kastman Park, even if it was something as simple as replacing the gold balls on top of this year's one thousand flags. 

Tribute coordinator Susie Moore with American State Bank says, "People just help with worthwhile projects.  They dont' seem to mind giving time and energy.  I don't want people to forget 9-11." Susie and hundreds of volunteers will make it all possible this year. She says, "I want our country to remember what happened that day and be vigilant to see our nation is protected and those people come to justice."

"I just wanted to help out, to respect all the people who died on September 11th in the twin towers." says Murfee Elementary student Preston Derrick.  Presont, his mom Roxanne and his little sister Lauren, did there part setting up Friday. Along with many others, they transfomred a field of rebar spikes into a sea of patriotism with a meloncholy symbolism.

Park and Ride Information

Busses will run on Friday and Saturday from the following locations.

  • Southcrest Baptist Church- Beginning at 6:30 into the evening.
  • 66th and Indinana- Beginning at 6:30 into the evening.
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