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Robertson, Joy comment on Dumbauld firing


Two city council members have now weighed in on the dramatic events that unfolded during the executive session Monday.

Mayor Glen Robertson sat down with KCBD's Sharon Maines on Daybreak Today, and District 6 councilwoman Latrell Joy shared her thoughts on Tuesday afternoon. 

Joy said the vote will put an end to the strife that has plagued the council.

"We've spent way too much time on these matters and we definitely want to move forward. We have much bigger issues to deal with in terms of the city," she said.

But she still could not provide details about the decision to fire Dumbauld.

"I really can't tell you right now. Later, probably, but right now. We really can't talk about that because there's still a lot of legal issues," Joy said. "It's time for an end to the pettiness and instead focus on the people who elected them."

"Really and truly, our jobs are to do whatever's best for the citizens of Lubbock. We can't please everybody, but if we're doing what's best, I think it's okay," she said.

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson was also unable to discuss details on Daybreak Today.

When Sharon asked Robertson if the allegations of harassment towards councilman Victor Hernandez were behind Dumbauld's firing, he said:

"That's where it started. Where we're at now, of course, we still have attorneys involved and she was represented and I'm assuming is still represented by council. At this point, we won't be able to discuss, and really can't discuss why she was fired. I voted against it. The four council members that voted for termination would really be the ones that need to answer why she was fired," he said.

Robertson was able to give Sharon a bit more information when asked about the terms of Dumbauld's severance.

"Ms. Dumbauld was covered by a severance agreement that she had when she negotiated several years ago - when she was hired as city manager - so it will depend on the attorneys. At this point the motion last night was very broad - it just said a motion to terminate. There's no mention in the motion for cause or not cause," Robertson said.

Sharon asked Robertson why Councilman Hernandez was able to vote on issues involving himself.

"That was decided early on when the original complaints were filed that Mr. Hernandez did have a legal right to participate in these actions if he wished to," Robertson said.

And finally, the mayor talked about the city's plan going forward.

"I've called a special meeting for this coming Friday at 3:30 in the afternoon. Number one, we have to appoint an interim city manager. We do not currently have a deputy city manager, we have three assistant city managers, so we have to go through the process of appointing an interim and then we're going to have to start the search and we're going to have to decide as a council how we're going to conduct the search."

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