KCBD investigates Facebook kidnapping rumors

The woman in these posts is a legitimate employee of Southwestern Advantage
The woman in these posts is a legitimate employee of Southwestern Advantage

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Are foreign college students going door to door, planning to kidnap Lubbock children?

Lubbock police say no.

The rumors are all over Facebook, but KCBD looked into the claims and discovered that the rumors just aren't true.

Trey Campbell is the Director of Communications for Southwestern Advantage, the company that is employing these college students to go door to door.

Campbell says the company sells in-home education items for children, and they've been recruiting college students to sell since 1868.

Campbell applauds the students for what they do and says these rumors of a kidnapping ring that started a week and a half ago are completely false.

"They work off referrals just like any other self-based business would. So they'll ask people, once they've sat down with them, if they have any referrals they'd like to give them of neighbors, friends or family," Campbell said.

Campbell says many of their workers have gone on to have successful careers, including Texas Governor Rick Perry.

"The students are actually working very hard to put themselves through school. It's actually quite admirable what they're doing because they're doing something a lot of college kids don't have the guts to do - get out of their comfort box, relocate somewhere for the summer and sell something and gain life skills and sales skills in the process," Campbell said.

The picture making the rounds on many social media sites is actually just a college student from Estonia who has been with the company for a number of years.

The Lubbock Police Department also released a statement Wednesday saying to date they have not received any legitimate threats of attempted kidnapping.

Here's the complete statement from LPD:

The LPD has received numerous calls today in reference to rumors from social media postings regarding door-to-door book sales. Based on these social media rumors, some in the public believe that these sales people are targeting households with children and may attempt to kidnap children, and are calling the LPD.

The LPD has received no credible information or evidence that these persons are targeting children, or any calls of legitimate attempted kidnappings regarding these sales persons. These internet social media rumors appear to be merely that: rumors. If the LPD receives any credible information regarding legitimate threats of attempted kidnappings, that information will be released. To date, we have not received such information.

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