Kenneth Grissom, a Hometown Hero

Kenneth Grissom, a Hometown Hero
Kenneth Grissom, a Hometown Hero

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Kenneth Grissom works out at Covenant Lifestyle Center three times a week.

"I generally come Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday," he said.

He begins with cardio then moves on to weight lifting. But he is known as much more than the 94-year-old gentleman with the genuine smile there.

"I had 54 missions against the Japanese…they tried to kill me every time," Grissom said.

Grissom is a United States Marine Corps veteran who was deployed to the Pacific during World War II as a dive bomber pilot.

"I'd come in from 12 to 13 thousand feet and open my diving flaps and I'd come straight down on the target," he said.

Grissom says when he got to about a thousand feet away from the target he would release his bomb and try to make it back alive.

"You come back with holes in the airplane. You're just fortunate to get back."

He says there were a lot of close calls but he was just doing his job.

"Got a lot of tree leaves in the airplane. But other than that, it was just like going to work," Grissom said.

Grissom has been awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross and several Air Medals for his bravery. But he will tell you he is not a hero.

"I was not a hero. No way was I a hero. They told me to fly and I flew. They told me where to drop the bombs and that's where I dropped them."

For Grissom, one who is part of the greatest generation, the reason behind his acts of valor were not anything extraordinary...but rather quite simple and typical of those who fought in the Second World War.

"We were told to do it and we did it."

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