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Beat the heat and lower your bills with these energy tips


LP&L customers are still frustrated about the rate increase that has caused their energy bills to soar, but there may be simple ways you can control those high costs.

The hot summer months can be brutal, and they're even worse when you face an unexpected increase in your energy bill.

Although the city decided not to lower those increased rates, there are things you can do to lower the overall cost of your bill.

Philip Cheney, manager of Lowery Heating and Air told us about a few ways you can cut costs.

Cheney says having a system that removes humidity from the air will allow you to maintain a temperature that is comfortable at a higher level, which would also result in a lower utility bill.

He recommends having your home cooling inspected to be sure it's working properly, along with small things like unplugging electronics you're not using or turning off lights in rooms after you leave.

You can find more tips at LP&L's web site here:

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