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Consider This...We may never know if Six Flags was negligent in woman's death

What happened to Rosy Esparza, who fell from a popular Six Flags rollercoaster and died, is definitely tragic.

Equally as tragic is we may never know exactly what happened. Why? Because no public law enforcement agency, besides the local police, is doing a full investigation. And their investigation is over, simply saying it was an accident.

No kidding. That still gets us no closer to knowing what happened.

The only ongoing investigation into the accident is, you guessed it, an internal one. I bet the public relations department at Six Flags is in charge of the "inquiry."

The only other group looking into it is the Texas Department of Insurance. They may come up with some answers, but it won't be justice for the family.

Consider this:

This system is broken. Why would I ever allow my child on that rollercoaster, knowing not only that something might go wrong, but I may never know exactly what?

Six Flags may come up with a cause. but it won't be without their spin on it. The public and that woman's family will just have to live with whatever they say.

State lawmakers need to take a hard look at this process and make changes immediately. Starting with two words: more accountability.

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