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Lubbock citizens challenge city council over LP&L rates


Lubbock citizens challenged the city council Tuesday night, expressing their frustration over "outrageous bills," criticizing LP&L policies, and worrying about consequences for citizens who are at risk of having their power shut off.

It was a full house at the city council meeting as a succession of speakers took the podium, demanding answers from LP&L and demanding accountability from council members who voted for the rate increase.

Roger Settler called the Electric Utility Board "imperious and arrogant" and criticized their "weak, lame excuses."

Settler asked, "Where is the concern? We look for concern from you council members... Where is your concern for those suffering people? We look to you for leadership."

Nadia Gonzalez broke down in tears while she was standing at the podium, describing hardships faced by citizens who showed up for Monday's protest.

"Empathy is sorely lacking at LP&L," Gonzales said.

Burly Owen expressed concern about smart meters, and the additional scheduled rate increases, saying "We ain't seen nothing yet."

There were 17 citizen comments, 12 of which were in regards to LP&L. 


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