Lamesa, legendary home of the chicken fried steak

LAMESA, TX (KCBD) - Back in 1975, a reporter from the Austin Statesman needed to write a story in 25 minutes, so Larry Beesbee decided to write about chicken fried steak.

The story goes back to 1911, where a cook from Lamesa got an order to make chicken fried steak, but didn't know what it was, so he whipped something up and it became a hit.

Terri Stahl is administrative assistant for the city of Lamesa.

"What Beesby didn't know was that when he ran the story in the Austin Statesman, a man named Jack McGuire who had a newspaper syndication and wrote Talk of Texas was going to air it in every newspaper in Texas. So the tall tale became a legend," Stahl said.

In 2011, Governor Rick Perry deemed Lamesa to be the legendary home of the chicken fried steak.

It is celebrated every year.

Last year, the event attracted nearly 10,000 people.

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