Crosbyton's Smith House offers bed, breakfast, and ghosts?

CROSBYTON, TX (KCBD) - One of the hidden gems of Crosbyton has a long history.

The Smith House is a bed and breakfast that dates back to 1921.

When you stay the night at a hotel or motel, you typically hope for a comfortable bed and maybe a free breakfast, but a night at the Smith House offers something extra.

The Smith House has welcomed guests for nearly a century now.

"So many people through here, even back to the 19 early 20s," Smith House owner Jim Hurt says.

This Crosbyton treasure was built to be a boarding house by its namesake in 1921.

"It was for the cotton buyers and cattle buyers to come to town. You can say that they were coming from all over the United States to Crosbyton, Texas," Hurt said.

Hurt is the Smith House owner, cook and housekeeper - you name it, he does it.

He's worked hard to preserve the history in each of the home's 13 bedrooms and 13 baths, but innkeeper hasn't always been his title.

Hurt said, "I decided to leave corporate America. I started looking at B&B all around Texas. I was drawn to this one because of its size."

Although owning a B&B may not come with the same financial perks as his white-collar past, Hurt says the people outweigh the paycheck.

"A family checked out on Sunday and they leave me a gift on my office desk... Goodness gracious, going to a Hilton or a Holiday Inn. you wouldn't leave the manager or the innkeeper a gift. When they come here, they're staying in your home," Hurt said.

But rumor has it the Smith House has a few guests that may not be paying the going rates.

"There are people that tell me they've seen images in mirrors upstairs and they've heard people talking when no one else was in the bed and breakfast but them," Hurt said.

Hurt, for his sanity, chooses not to believe this house is haunted, but that's not always easy.

"I'll sit out here at two, three in the morning and I'll hear things and go what in the world is that. It's like somebody's in my kitchen, somebody's walking, and you hear things," Hurt said.

Haunted or not, the Smith House is sure to pull you out of the 21st century and drop you off in 1921.

"It's not me," Hurt says. "This property is very important to this town - probably nothing quite like it."

The Smith House isn't just a bed and breakfast. They welcome weddings, funerals, parties and everything in-between.

This historical bed and breakfast is located on 300 West Aspen, right here in Crosbyton.

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