Frenship ISD helping Wolfforth grow

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - When you drive through Wolfforth, it's easy to see that this small town has a big future.

The city has had a 5.92 percent annual growth rate since 1970. It's a big deal for an area this small to stay that consistent.

The school system has played an important role in continuing this growth.

Frenship ISD now teaches 8,000 students and is known state-wide for its innovative and successful athletics and band programs.

The Marsha Sharp Freeway has also proven beneficial, since it slices the time of driving to and from Lubbock nearly in half.

Debbie Perkey works for the city of Wolfforth. She says it's different from other small towns.

She says people employed here are always looking for a better, faster way to get things done.

"People see us as modern and staying up with the times instead of just a sleepy little small town," she said.

Perkey says she doesn't expect this growth to stop anytime soon.

She hopes the new neighborhoods and parks will help attract more businesses to the community.

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