Wolfforth police enjoying benefits of military vehicle program

WOLFFORTH, TX (KCBD) - Wolfforth has taken advantage of something that many other communities across the South Plains haven't. It's called the 1033 program, a program that makes outdated military equipment available to law enforcement agencies.

The Wolfforth Police Department says it has received several useful multi-purpose vehicles worth several hundred thousand dollars.

The department says the only cost was a $6,000 entrance fee to the program, and the expense of picking up the vehicles.

Wolfforth Police Chief Rick Scott says one vehicle in particular, a humvee, was helpful back in June, when those powerful storms hit.

"The highway was flooded. Cars stranded in the middle of the highway and families in these cars. None of our police cars could get through that water, so we took the humvee out there and were able to get people out of the middle of this flood," Scott said.

The department has also received a dump truck for code enforcement.

Chief Scott says they use it to pick up illegally-dumped items, which helps with community upkeep.

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