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Red Raider fans hit the turf at Coach Kingsbury's Women's Clinic


Red Raider fans have been gearing up for weeks, ready to suit up in their finest athletic attire and hit the turf with the King himself.

"I moved to Midland and drove down just to come here."

We know why the ladies came out, but we asked the question anyway.

"Oh, to see Kliff, no questions asked."

"To meet Coach Kliff Kingsbury."

"I came here to get some football skills, but mainly to meet our new coach, Kliff Kingsbury. Let's all be honest, everyone is super excited that he's the Tech coach and we're really excited to see what he's going to do for us."

Coach Kliff Kingsbury was ready for them, but said before practice kicked off, a few things had to be switched up before working with the ladies.

"Had to change up the mindset a little bit," Kingsbury said. "The play list is definitely different, but it has been great."

With over 100 women participating in the clinic, there were bound to be some who were a bit nervous to play with big boys. But most ended up surprised at how much fun they had at practice.

"It's been great. They made it pretty for women. We can understand it, and then they made it fun. We've learned a lot about special teams defense/offense. We learned more information about them than actual skills."

The ladies finished practice with a newfound respect for the player's athletic abilities and were more fired up about the upcoming football season than ever before.

"It lifted my spirits. I'm excited about my tickets, my seats and I'm ready to go."

And of course, Coach Kingsbury is also excited about the new season.

"We're fired up," Kingsbury said. "It seems like the summer has flown by. From all reports they have worked really hard. We're just ready to get kicked off. I think our team is really fired up so we're excited to see what we do."

When asked if he prefers coaching men or women, Kingsbury explained the pros and cons.

"I prefer the guys practicing and the women hugging. That's how it works. The women are a little more emotional, but the men tend to pout more so it's 50-50," Kingsbury said.

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