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Lt. Col. Oliver North Speaks One-on-One with NewsChannel 11

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North spoke with NewsChannel 11 one-on-one about the War on Terror and the U.S.' role in Iraq while he was in town for a speaking engagement Sunday night.

When asked 'What do you think about the way this President has handled the War on Terror?' North says, "I'll be very blunt. I'm a fan of this President. I'm a friend of his. I think he's done it the very best way it could possibly be done, no matter what the administration was. He's confronted it unlike what had happened the previous eight years where they basically just ignored it."

Most Americans remember Leuitenant Colonel North for his testimony during the Iran-Contra hearings on Capitol Hill back in the 80's, but during his visit to Lubbock, he left his mark simply as a patriot. During his speech North said, "America has not pulled together like we did then (WW II). Sadly enough we have political divisions attacking an administration doing it's best to fight this war as far as possible from America's shores."

In his interview with NewsChannel 11, North says, "Fighting them in Baghdad is a lot better than fighting them in Lubbock and the idea is, just as we did in World War II, push the enemy back as far as you possibly can, confront them, try to do everything you can to disrupt their plans for further attacks and protect the homeland."

North repeatedly chastised the media for criticizing President Bush's handling of the war and he says there was ample reason to take action in Iraq. North even roused a few laughs at the expense of presidential hopeful John Kerry. Pointing to a picture of a U.S. Marine in combat, he says, "This guy has four purple hearts and still volunteered to come back, unlike some other Navy guys we know. North further adds, "I'll just share with you some of the comments of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines... my beat, that's my beat for Fox News, I cover the US military, not the guys at the Pentagon but the guys out in the field and they're not afraid of terrorists. They're not afraid of meeting Al Qaida or any of these other terrorist organizations. What they're worried about is a change in Commander in Chief that would put us back to where we were in the 90's."

North says today's military is the brightest, best equipped, best trained and best led military in the world. He worries Kerry as President would set the United States back and leave this country unprepared for terror attacks like 9-11. When asked if we should we have seen 9-11 coming, North says, "Yes. Quite frankly, we've been the victims of Jihadists, Islamic Radical Jihadist terror since the 1980's. That's exactly what our troops are up against in Baghdad and in Afghanistan right this minute."

At the conclusion of his speech, North turned to the bible. Noting the difference between a scripture that guides its followers on how to live and one who tells it martyrs how to die. North said, "That's what makes us different than the other side. They quote passages of hatred and violence. In the New Testament there's nothing about hatred. It's about love. It's about how to live not how to die. All the dying in this book was done 2,000 years ago on a hill called Calvary."

Southcrest Baptist Church arranged for North's trip to Lubbock. All proceeds beyond the cost of the event will benefit My Father's House.

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