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Police prevent teen from jumping off bridge

Source: Lubbock Police Department Dash Cam Source: Lubbock Police Department Dash Cam

Lubbock police handled a tense situation Thursday night. A young officer came upon a 17-year old straddling the edge of the 42nd Street overpass on I-27, threatening to jump.

Sergeant Jason Lewis says that's when Officer Mario Sandoval's training came into play. The officer knew one wrong move could have deadly consequences.

"There's a lot of things that go through your head in that split second," Lewis said.

Sandoval had to act carefully, but quickly.

"You think, if I do this and I grab him, is he going to pull me over the edge? Is he still going to manage to jump? There's a lot to think about. He's not running up on him. Exiting the vehicle, saying hey, this is who I am, how can we help you? What can we do for you?" Lewis said.

Sandoval called for backup and a negotiator, all while keeping the teen talking, but at a distance.

"During this, he was talking to the guy, saying, 'Hey I'm here to help you. You're not in any trouble, so let's work this out,'" Lewis said.

When backup arrived, officers were able to ease up to the man and pull him to safety.

"One wrong thing and your actions are going to be questioned forever," Lewis said.

Police say the incident caused part of I-27 to be shut down for about 15 minutes.

The young man was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

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